28. A Daily Blog (possibly)

If you have been paying attention you will have realised how unpredictable PD is, and that recently it has become even more unpredictably unpredictable.

Okay just a thought.  Would it get to the point where the unpredictability will become so unpredictable that it is predictable.  A bit like if you put a monkey in front of a typewriter.  Give him/her long enough and they will produce the works of Shakespeare.  I am not prepared to test this theory with the monkey or me.

I promised that this blog would consist of considered pieces and wouldn’t include photographs of my food.  Don’t worry I am not intending on doing that (yet).

However, I have decided to have a go at blogging daily for the next few days, for a few reasons :

  • To keep a record of the changing symptoms and maybe find some predictableness in this unpredictableness.
  • To raise awareness (I am not sure how aware people can get without having it and I don’t wish that on anyone)
  • The daily record can be used for my next medical professional appointment to show how it changes.

Now I obviously hope that this will jinx the PD into behaving itself so I have nothing to write apart from mad happy days of fun in the sun.

So we shall see, I may only do this for a day, a couple of days or who knows.  Watch this space.