27. Ability Aids

This blog is divided into three sections

  1. The Rock Chic Section
  2. The Published Author Section (really)
  3. Vitality London 10km Update


1.  The Rock Chic Section

After my Rock Chic* appearance at the charity band night playing bass guitar.  I very very excitedly continued this persona.  I went to see the band mentioned way back in Blog 8.  Just to remind you this is the music which I use on headphones to get me walking again – so extremely excited to see them live for the first time.

*Rock Chic – not my words but I like it.

As always bullet points cut the waffle.  An ideal evening would have been :

  • Friend drove to concert
  • Purchased wristband and hat
  • Had drink in bar
  • Watched support band
  • Chatted in compulsory interval ladies toilet queue
  • Rocked out to band
  • Purchased t-shirt
  • Went home

As this is not a ‘Whodunnit’, I did see the concert, but PD interfered quite considerably. Actually, maybe PD was fighting back from me taking it to the music which quashes it (maybe I am overthinking this).

I will talk you through the afternoon/evening.  No head tilting especially as I have told you that I did get to see the concert.

Meds switched off at 2.15pm.  ‘Brilliant’* I thought.

*I didn’t think those exact words, obviously, something a lot stronger.  However, as I have a self imposed PG classification on this blog then something stronger would be inappropriate.  It is a PG and not a U because some scenes may upset children.  Actually drug references are also frowned upon – thats a fail then.

Spent the afternoon a little ‘miffed’* (see above) at the meds not working properly.

Walking was bad when we arrived at the car park.   So even though it didn’t go with my outfit, I had to get my walking stick out.   I was quite stressed and slightly apprehensive as I approached the door to the venue.   I imagined the following possible scenarios :

  • A walking stick could have been seen as an offensive weapon and I may be turned away.
  • I needed the stick and if I didn’t use it I would be ‘all over the place’ and may get thrown out for being drunk and disorderly (I wasn’t).
  • I could get turned away for wearing an age inappropriate pleather dress (no need to check I am 49, and therefore it is).

Well, actually it was none of the above.  The guy on the door said, looking at the walking stick, ‘If you need a seat later come and see me’.  Now I am assuming he didn’t work for De Furniture Store and wasn’t offering me a disability discount on their new recliners, but was offering me a seat for the concert.

Don’t get me wrong, I wanted to be in general admission (standing) rocking it out disgracefully with the 6’6″ young men, near the pit of mosh.

After only five minutes of standing and watching the support band, I realised I would find it difficult to stand for 2 hours.   Resigned to the fact that we would probably be seated miles away at the back of the balcony, but I would rather see it from there than not at all, I went to see the aforementioned ‘guy on the door’.

To cut a relatively short story, even shorter.

My two friends and I were directed to the front row of the roped off VIP seated area.

Smashing – a new, slightly erratic rockin, seated excercise routine was created.


So a potentially rubbish evening, rubbish PD making things rubbish, was turned around.

Staggering + Stressful Concert = Rubbish evening

The Disability Items should be rebranded Ability Items

Walking Stick + Blue Badge = Front row seated VIP and free car parking


2. The Published Author Section

I have hinted that tennis is a miracle and that when I play I don’t have PD.  Well, I have been saving this topic in my metaphorical blog back pocket for a future blog.

But, I am afraid the tennis blog isn’t appearing here.  Drum roll …. I am ‘in print’.  It is in inverted commas because it is the  modern version of the word print, i.e. on a website.  But none the less, I was asked to write the article, the Editor liked  it, and it was published.

So, if  you would like to read it you will need to leave ‘world of blog’ and go to this link


Now I think I need to say now, Janet and this blog are not responsible for any content in links to sites outside this blog.   However, rest assured, Spotlight YOPD is a brilliant site, set up by a brilliant young lady living with Parkinson’s, take a look.

3. London Vitality 10km

Strictly no head tilting or arm touching.

It is with real regret that I have had to drop out of the London Vitality 10km.  I will give details in another blog.  But suffice to say that recently my PD has been much more unpredictable than it’s usual unpredictable self, and I have had to make the difficult decision to pull out.  It is a boring, but sensible decision.  My sponsorship is being transferred to a sponsored event I am doing in June.

As everyone deserves a proper explanation I will explain in the next blog.