144. One hundred and forty four

Just 36 away from the full monty.

I’ve written 75 column for the ole paper of news … 31 are on line here


I have joined the core group who are organising world Parkinson’s day for Parkinson’s UK.

And I have mislaid my sense of humour. What on earth is that sentence doing ‘all making sense and the like’. Where has the wittiness gone, the analogies, the jokes, jests, and Jessie’s. Is it under the table, or on the floor, or has it rolled out of the door …

Well I think an ode or several are called for, ‘cooee cum by’ :


We might shuffle and shake, whisper and whine

About this called PD, it’s with us all of the time

We get some brief respite, every now and then

When we briefly forget, until it returns again

We want to raise awareness, remove the stigma and fear

On World Parkinson’s day, 11th April each year

We are informing, we’re not making a fuss

Please take a minute, to think about us

We are a person living in fear

On the inside, we are the same as last year

So don’t judge this book by it’s cover, think about what you can do 

To spread awareness, to light up the world blue


I was lumbered with this flaming disease at 44 years young

I decided straight away I didn’t want it to spoil my fun

I spend my time raising awareness, I write about what its like being me

I write a blog and a newspaper column, which I call Parkinality

I don’t want sympathy, I try not to complain

I don’t want people tilting their heads, thinking ‘Isn’t it a shame’

World Parkinson’s Day is important to us

It is a day when we can all share why we are unreliable and unpredictable

It is important to make people aware

So don’t judge this book by it’s cover, on the inside I am still me

To us every day is World Parkinson’s Day

And I am still trying to find a rhyme for degenerative neurological disease

Under the table and rolled out of the door and under a bush, and now my poor meatball is nothing but mush