29. Daily Blog : Saturday

As promised, this is my first attempt at a daily blog.

Just to remind everyone PD is bespoke, and symptoms will be different for different people.  Please don’t alter any meds without speaking to a medical professional.

I am starting this daily blog to keep a record of my meds/symptoms/days for my next medical professional appointment.

These posts will obviously not be as long as previous posts.    They are basically my ‘notes’  in bullet points, and will assume some knowledge of PD.  If you are clicking on this as your first insight into PD, then you may be confused, so I suggest you read this whole blog for some background.

I just plan to do these for a few days, or this may be the only one, who knows.  I will try it and see how I get on.

Saturday :

  • Woke 7am, took meds
  • Waiting for meds to kick in.  Walking slow, shuffley and movements rigid.   Need to use walking stick to get about, trying to organise breakfast.   Really stiff/rigid neck is new thing which is quite debilitating when meds are low.
  • 8am meds start to kick in, gradually realise walking easier and movements start to be a bit more flowing.
  • Morning good – did all ironing, felt quite tip toppish.
  • Meds at 11am and 2.30pm – bits and pieces of PD, but generally meds lasting.
  • Afternoon – went to watch some bands at local pub, meds working okay.   Home about 4.30pm.
  • Meds start to switch off gradually at 5pm, walking shuffling.  Then suddenly plummet physically at 6pm, rigid left arm and neck in spasm, and walking bad.
  • 6.30pm next meds.
  • 7pm try to walk to pub for band night, end up getting a lift as walking very bad and stick not helping.
  • Meds don’t kick in until about 8pm (have had rubbish symptoms since 5pm, and 6.30pm meds have taken an hour and a half to work)
  • Take an extra med at 9.30pm ish to get me through the late evening.
  • Danced for the evening – really enjoyed myself.  When dancing movements flow.
  • Walked home around 11pm, needed walking stick, walking a little bad but okay ish.
  • Had a midnight snack.
  • Bedtime meds.

Overall : Quite a good day PD wise.

These are my notes, so apologies if they are not clear or funny les.