What is Parkinality?

Parkinality is a predominantly positive website about living with Young Onset Parkinson’s Disease (YOPD) I was diagnosed at 44, in 2012.

Parkinality : Pa:kin-al-i-tee … Parkin(son’s) (person) ality

Beginning with a made up word may not be the most straightforward start, but bear with me.  As this is not a ‘Who Dunnit’, I don’t expect you to read for 900 pages trying to unravel the purpose of my ramblings.  So I’d better start with an explanation.

Parkinality (pa:kin-al-i-tee)

  • Parkin(son’s) (person)ality  : two words ‘blended’ together. 
  • Parkinson’s + Personality = although I am not just Parkinson’s it has unavoidably become part of me.
  • I was diagnosed with Young Onset Parkinson’s Disease (YOPD) at 44.
  • I try to be positive and pro-active celebrating what I can do.
  • *predominantly : I am predominantly positive, however I make no apologies for being honest when things are bad.

Why am I putting my head above the parapet and writing :

  • To raise awareness about Young Onset Parkinson’s.
  • To let others living with Parkinson’s know they are not alone, dealing with seemingly random symptoms.  It can be very isolating.
  • Sharing tips and coping strategies.
  • To keep a journal, as I believe it will help me (and as soon as it doesn’t I will stop).

Is it going to be sad?

  • No (well mostly no, after all it is a (currently) incurable degenerative neurological disease.

If this is your first visit to the website and/or you are newly diagnosed, to avoid bafflement, may I be so bold as to suggest that you read ‘Newly Diagnosed, Diagnosis Day’. Then if you would like to read more click on The Parkinality Blog where you will find all my posts from January 2017 to present day in reverse order. Scroll back to the start if you would like to read from the beginning.

Small print :

WATCH THIS SPACE (what do you mean you have better things to do)  Well then subscribe to this blog and an invisible being  will observe and will magically send you an email when this page is updated).  Subscribe button on the front page

This is a personal website about living with Young Onset Parkinson’s Disease (YOPD) from my perspective.  Everyone experiences symptoms/progression differently.  There is no right or wrong way to deal with this.  I am (obviously) not medically trained, so please don’t change any medications, or try anything new, without first speaking to a medical professional.

I cannot be responsible for any content on any links to other sites from this website, it is down to you to exercise caution.  I repeat I cannot be held responsible for any links to other sites being accurate, nor the information given.

As you read my facebook page, blog and other writing, feel free to think (delete as applicable) ‘oh that’s interesting/boring/irrelevant/just damn odd/ worthless/splendid/ amazing/funny’ … but do not act on it.

This site is constantly under construction, we always have our ‘decorating trousers’ on and we (the royal ‘we’ – in this case the ‘we’ is the extremely patient tech guy), are gradually updating the site…. so please ‘bear with …’  

BLOG : As you will see when the blog was started, if you go right back in time to January 2017, I was posting regularly as that was my only project.  However life and Parkinson’s have got in the way (and not always in a good way).  I have now started several other projects with the aim of raising awareness.  

NEWSPAPER COLUMN : My newspaper column with the Bishop’s Stortford Independent Newspaper is now monthly.  I have written over forty columns so far and if you would like to read them you will need to subscribe to their newspaper page. Some of my columns have been published on line and can be found at … www.bishopsstortfordindependent.co.uk/authors/julie-walker/

YOU TUBE CHANNEL : The Parkinality You Tube Channel contains the play about PD which I co-wrote and some other bits and bobs, search for Parkinality on you tube.

I have also included an ‘interviews and media’ section ooh luvvies.   (although as always be cautious when clicking links as I am not responsible for any of the content on the link or if the link is broken, has changed or it takes you somewhere else).

PODCAST : I write poetry and perform at open mic nights. I have self published two books. You can see and hear me perform some odes on my Parkinality You Tube channel and my podcast …


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