Parkinality is a predominantly positive website about living with Young Onset Parkinson’s Disease (YOPD).  I am not medically trained and everything is my personal opinion and is as a result of my experience of living with YOPD.  Please consult a medical professional for any advice or answer any worries.  

Diagnosed in November 2012 at the age of 44 I try to remain positive and concentrate on what I can do, rather than dwelling on what I can’t.

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The Second Book of Parkinality Poetry is with the publishers …. whoop…. watch this space (or delegate the watching to Ms Subscribe)   More information will follow … in the meantime, to prepare for the second, why not get the first …  

The link to buy the first book direct from the publishers is at the end of this page, The Parkinality Poetry Book, ‘did you ask if you could write a poem about my aunt’ and other poems


If you were so bold as to click on the link to the Parkinson’s Vision 2020, I am one of the speakers … I have been asked (and have) written a poem which I will be reading to close the conference …

Parkinsons Vision 2020

Also an exciting conference for YOPD (Young On-set Parkinson’s Disease) in April 2020 in Leicester, Parkinson’s Vision 2020.

Link below for tickets and more information:.


Parkinality Poet book

The Parkinality Poetry Book … my first book available to buy from the publisher and can be ordered from bookstores.


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Happy New 2020

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