143. And Breathe

So here I am a hybrid human … this is not how it should be. I am quite down atm. Infection in my bonce, emergency operation 6 weeks of antibiotics, which are interfering with my PD medication. But at least i have. Hope …



Waiting to see

How you will cope 

Without me

Without me you struggle

Without me you fear

The future unknown

You listen but don’t hear

You look but don’t see

You touch but don’t feel

Without me 

Life doesn’t feel real

Taken for granted

Overlooked ignored

Without me 

Life is a void

You think I’ve gone

Left for good

I am still here

Simply take a look

Patiently waiting 

For the time

You check your pockets

I check mine

Amongst the fluff 

And sticky boiled sweets

You’ll find me

‘Hi, I’m Hope happy to help’ 

Open your eyes

Take a look

Reaching out my hand

Feeling your fear

You’re never alone

I’m always here