Support & Help for All

Support and help for all … a bit like Sport For All, without the grass stains

If you find yourself teetering on one leg at the top of the metaphorical pyramid that is Parkinson’s then here are some numbers/contact details to help you keep balance.

If you need more Parkinality twaddle, there is also the following :

  • a Parkinality Facebook page (like or follow for updates)
  • Take a look at the Parkinality you tube channel on You Tube
  • my occasional newspaper column with the Bishop’s Stortford Independent. I have written over 40 columns, some have been published on line  if you would like to read them all please subscribe to the newspapers website.

Other projects :

  • I write a fortnightly newspaper column
  • I am collaborating on a musical
  • I have Ode publications in the pipeline

Take a listen to this, by my Musical collaborator :

Long Hard Road, by Affinity Formation on iTunes or spotify