82. This is how it is….

This is a warts and all post (no warts yet) written straight off at 3am.   I am fine but this is how it sometimes feels like . Not every night and not all the time …I will listen to some music regroup.

I cannot stand
I cannot sit
Feeling 100 percent shit

I cannot shout
I cannot cry
I am not going to lie

Please noone wake please world stay asleep
I don’t want anyone to hear me weep

This is 3am
In the light of day I will start again
But atm I am awake
Standing still
Trying to be human
Wishing I wasn’t ill

Yes Ill because that is what I am
I could dress it up
But I don’t think I can
There is no other word st 3am
I am Ill
There I said it again

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