72. oooh it’s May let’s have a new disease


Flipping heck, flipping heck, flipping heck

I think that says it all.

Even though I am fifty zillion words into this blog, I do remember my roots (no jokes about the hair please).  In the beginning, I was not ‘the word’.  However, I did promise that this blog would be many things but not a Whodunnit.  Anyone who whispered that the blog could be described as : odd, niche, artisan, smelly, waffley – off with their heads (obvs only dermatological ones)

I have OsteoArthuritius in my right hip and I am distinctly, rip roaringly, unchuffed.  I am so unchuffed I have decided to miss-spell it on purpose – see that ‘sussed it out’.  Hear ye I will hence forth in this post call Parkinson’s, Plimpigtons, that will really get up the nose of the word processor – ‘ner sussed you out too’.

(An apology, this is all degenerating into rubbish nonsensical twaddle ..)

The ode about pain, a lot of the problems in the night with waking, is due to the pain in my right hip I had ignored it for a long time as it was ‘just the Plimpigtons’ causing problems.  About a month ago a humungous pain in my hip made my eyes water, (and I am quite butch (in a floaty feminine way).

On the case as usual, I went to see a Hip Guy (I will treat my audience wth some intelligence and won’t insult you by making the obvious jokes)

X ray showed severe degeneration, bone on bone.

I have inadvertently got another disease .  OsteoArthuritius has very skilfully elbowed it’s way into my blog.  Cheeky blighter.  Don’t worry it is not going to take the limelight away from the main event.

Ho hum Diddley dee I must be over 173 with two ‘older person’ conditions – both chronic, both incurable, both (apparently) manageable.

So I may mention, moan, or just inform you of this new ‘condition with which I live’ from time to time.

Hip replacement on the cards …


Over and out

PS – this is a massive PS, but I am making it less massive by putting it as a PS in the tiniest print I can manage – this new condition means I have to stop tennis.  I know.


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