71. The ‘Hole in my Bucket’ Ode

Lists should be on fridges, in bags, and in Santa’s sack
Not in buckets, I believe there is something wrong with that
Why write a list of things to do before you die?
Are the things on the list so important?   If so, why?

Climbing Everest, walking on water, tea with the Queen.                                        Are these on your bucket list?  Are they really in your dreams?
Do you really think you will enjoy the adrenalin hit?
A quick thrill – each one over as quick as a wink

Making a cup of tea, when you want one                                                                       Up early, walking, admiring the rising sun
Going to meet your guy, without a second thought
Shopping with your friend, buying more than you ought

Eating steak, without worrying about your meds
In fact,  doing anything, without planning ahead
My list is not in a bucket, as mine is full of holes
(I am afraid for this line to rhyme it is going to end in ‘moles’)

If I sound as if i am preaching, then I really am not
Or maybe I am.  But actually I don’t care a jot
What is on your list, or what you keep it in
I don’t mean to be rude, but I would file it in the bin

You can still have adrenaline rushes, if that’s what you need
But don’t forget the other stuff, the things that help us breath
The tiny things which happen – don’t let them float away
Pause, think, listen, enjoy and appreciate each day

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