66. The ‘I absolutely definitely am ill’ Ode

Waking each day, with a bout of flu
Aching, stiff limbs, no sleep too
Waking each day, with chicken pox
Sweaty, lethargic, without the spots
Waking each day, with tendonitis
Hip pain, and everywhere elseitus

Doctor Flanrinsto – is not amused
Listing your ailments – he is confused

Shaky hand, shuffling walk
The Doctor thinks, you like to talk
A mystery, so much wrong with you
When, you are only 42

I was told, I am not ill
So why, give me a pill
I was told, I am not ill
To be honest, I feel ill
I was told, I am not ill
By a person, who is not ill

‘I am not ill, I have a condition which needs to be managed’
Flaming heck – well, if this is not ill, I am severely damaged

by Janet Bric-a-Brac

An apple a day and all that nonsense

Keep Darnsing

Instructions :

Put this album on your turntable, whilst you amuse yourself with disease odes.

Look up and listen on Spotify or I Tunes : ‘Affinity Formation’. ‘Long Hard Road’.



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