65. The ‘I’ll have to find some way of naming these odes properly’ Ode

The mornings were the worst, she, already knew that
The afternoons were the worst, she already knew that
The evenings were the worst, she already knew that
The nights were the worst. she already knew that

How should I begin this, I don’t rightly know
Four suggestions, one line, now let’s go
Rhyming with ‘that’, seems to be key
A bit of a boring word, but I will work with it and see
Which line shall I choose, does it matter to me
Which time of day, is most difficult for me?

To be honest, it will change from day to day
Every hour is different, I have to say
I can do the same thing, eat the same food
With a different result, now I’m about to be rude
And say, thank you for your advice, it is important to me
To know that you are thinking laterally

If you find the answer, please let me know
I’ll pass it onto 127,000 people that I know
All waiting for a miracle – a new brain would be great
I don’t know whether I believe in this thing called fate
The quest for a cure, is constant, you see
A cure would mean, everything to me

I am happy to be part of a team, it is my destiny
We want a cure now, we have been waiting patiently
There is more than one battle, there is more than one cause
Parkinson’s is only one part of my world
It is there bubbling away, being absurd
Under the disguise of normality, like a black bird

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