63. Sunday 1 April 2018 : Day 1 of Parkinson’s Awareness Month

Awareness is Vital …
Amsinefliptof Leisoning
– if ‘they rattled a tin’ with Amsinefliptof Leisoning on the side would you put money in it?
– imagine you are a smarty clever clogs looking to research and cure something, would you pick Amsinefliptof Leisoning?
– if you wanted to do a skydive to raise money, would you pick Amsinefliptof Leisoning?
– if you had a zillion billion pounds (or £2.50), would you donate it to fund research and support into Amsinefliptof Leisoning?
– would you set up a coffee morning to reach out to people with Amsinefliptof Leisoning?
– would you offer counselling for people affected by Amsinefliptof Leisoning.
If you are aware of something, then I believe you are more likely to become involved in it.  (hang on a minute, I may be writing in riddles – how the flip can you be involved in something that you are not aware of?).
Okay, just in case you are not following my train of thought.
Amsinefliptof Leisoning – I wager that you are not aware of it.
Parkinson’s – unless you live at the bottom of the garden with the worm known as ‘wiggley woo’,  then you will be aware of it.  To be Frank for a moment, if you are reading this (which you are) then if you are not aware of Parkinson’s then I really am writing in riddles.
Surprise surprise no one at all is aware of  Amsinefliptof Leisoning because I made the word up and it doesn’t exist.   Yes, I did research the words and nothing came up in the search engine.
Back to the blog :
April 2018 is Parkinson’s Awareness Month. I make no apologies (sorry) for repeating myself on every kind of social media.
I believe ‘raising awareness’ encourages discussion, putting Parkinson’s on the agenda, politically, locally, and globally. Any publicity is good publicity. The worst (well, probably not the worst), is that PD sits in the corner being ignored, and sidelined.
The early/young onset band of people with PD, through social media, are joining together to make a noise and ‘raise awareness’ on behalf of those who actually live with PD, and those who live with someone who lives with PD (as a wise person once said ‘there is more than one victim’).
Everyone has a different method of raising awareness, but ultimately everyone has the same aim – to find a cure.
I believe that Parkinson’s needs to become a ‘fashionable disease’ – awful to say that, I know, and every disease is awful and must be cured. But, I believe the more PD is talked about, by raising awareness, the more people will be interested in raising money and directing time, money and resources into finding a cure.     
Not sure if I have mentioned that I now have a Facebook page for Parkinality, where you will get updates on my blog, but also additional daily musings and twaddle from my PD brain.
So if you are a facebooker, then it costs no money, to like/follow my parkinality page.   If you don’t want to ‘subscribe’ to my blog (which is also free), but want to keep reading, then liking the Facebook page is another option and way of keeping up to date.
Ho hum Diddley dee … busy month, to include :
Eating copious amounts of chocolate
YOPD Spotlight Boxing Day
CPT Research Lecture
PDUK Research Lecture
Local Support Group Meeting
Writing my Blog
Writing my Newspaper Column
Crickey I can’t sit here all day eating chocolate, must get on …

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