62. Parkinson’s Awareness Month : April 2018

Firstly apologies, this is a bit of a, ‘hark at her’ post …

*in a proper (kind of) published writer way … I need to preface this by saying excerpts of this will be seen in other publications.

Now if. you think, lazy/crazy lady, why can’t she write new copy (technical or wrong term – delete as applicable)? Well in this case there is only really one way of saying some things – I could change the word order to make it different but would that things only confuse.

‘Ere we go …

April 2018 is Parkinson’s Awareness Month and I am asking you to join the campaign. Don’t worry you won’t have to chain yourself to any railings, burn any undergarments, or make a placard.

Instead, I am asking you to please use the hashtag #UniteForParkinsons on social media and the corresponding Twibbon on your social profile, Facebook or twitter.

I sense a divided readership. In an Information Venn diagram, where there are three groups.

  • Those who dash away immediately and carry out the instruction to the letter.
  • Then those who are a little perplexed at what Mr Ross is going to do with the ribbbon.
  • Finally those in the overlap who have heard the word, but are a little scared they will break their computer.

Anyone who definitely knows what I am talking about, please pick a book and go and sit quietly on the carpet and await further instructions. Everyone else, please read :

In simple terms I believe that a twibbon is a computer frame/picture you can (probably ask a child, if you need to) put on your profile picture on twitter or facebook to promote a campaign. Using ’hashtag’ just means putting #UniteForParkinsons on your Facebook page or twitter account.

The instructions can be found here: https://twibbon.com/support/unite-for-parkinsons. You just have to authorize the Twibbon app to log in to your profile, and the logo will be added to your profile picture, on either Facebook or twitter.

#Unite for Parkinson’s is a campaign created and launched by the European Parkinson’s Disease Association (EPDA) and Parkinson’s UK. It aims to raise international awareness of the condition on World Parkinson’s Day (Wednesday 11 April 2018), over 200 years after it was first officially recognised by British surgeon, James Parkinson. Involving countries from Argentina to Zimbabwe.  PD affects more than 10 million worldwide.

So to summarise :

April 2018 is Parkinson’s Awareness Month

w/c 9 April 2018 is Parkinson’s Awareness Week

and the main event :



Take a look and/or listen to these :

Parkinality now has a Facebook page :  please like/follow to get blog updates and additional twaddley waffle from me.

Take a listen to this fantastic album on Spotify or I Tunes : Long Hard Road, by Affinity Formation

Take a read of this from time to time : parkinsonslife.eu

Parkinson’s UK confidential support line : 0808 800 0303

Parkinson’s UK website : www.parkinsons.org.uk

Cure Parkinson’s Trust : www.cureparkinsons.org.uk

Spotlight YOPD : (young onset website) : www.spotlightyopd.org

EPDA (European Parkinson’s disease Association) : www.epda.eu.com

Michael J Fox : www.michaeljfox.org


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