57. Sleep (the morning after …)

Important : read blogs 55 56 57 all together … important

A reminder – blogs 55 56 57 confirm that everyone is different – my response to the meds was different to some and the same as others with PD.  Speak to a medical professional before changing anything.

I am fine …

Read blogs 55 and 56 first …. otherwise this is not going to make sense (does it ever?)

Took a Madopar dispersible at round 6am, slept a bit, and then took my normal meds.

Crickey the night was twaddle

Sorry to subject you all to that. …. It is not like that all the time, that is the worst it has been.

As I warned the ‘next five years’ is getting difficult to write about, and read about.  But I have to write about the rubbish bits otherwise it is not an honest blog and whats the point of that.  Also one of my aims is to let people with PD know they are not alone with twaddle. – bad times are the worst times, especially during the night.

So the Madopar Controlled release at bedtime was not the miracle I was hoping for.  Just shows everyone is different.

I think the Madopar Controlled Release for some reason did nothing to help the PD.  So I was experiencing full on PD symptoms throughout the night.  Everything  kicked off to the extreme.   (now for some people Madopar controlled release will work – everyone is different).

I will go back to the Madopar dispersible at bedtime (doesn’t last long, but at least I got sleep).  That seemed to help, not perfect, but to be honest, it is never going to be.

I will also speak to my consultant and update him.

Everyone is an individual where PD is concerned – including symptoms and meds and progression etc etc.  Most important thing is communication, keep the consultant in the loop, don’t make it up or think you know more than the professionals – I know I don’t know everything I can only describe to the medical professionals how things affect me.  They can then offer their advice and help you out.

I will write this down as I will forget … and tell the consultant.

Onwards and upwards … still going strong …

Phew … and rest

Important : read blogs 55 56 57 all together … important


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