58. Sleep Update …

I have left it a few days before posting again … so that I can update you on my sleeping.

Spoke to my consultant again … and I am now trying the following night time regime.

Bedtime : Sinemet Plus

If wake in night : Madopar dispersible

If wake around 5am : Madopar dispersible

Start usual day meds around 7am


This seems to be working, ish – I am still waking in the night.  But getting to sleep and returning to sleep is much better.

So we will see …. ho hum Diddley dee

I won’t be posting many of these medication blogs – they are in my opinion too personal.

I have shown that everyone reacts to medication differently and has different symptoms.  Also that  tweaking meds a little bit can have a huge impact … so speak to a medical professional if you are having problems, don’t wait until the next appointment.  A small change can make a big difference.

Lecture over —- les

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