35. My Music Playlist

(I know, I know, this is a one off maybe)

Music is literally a lifeline – I carry my headphones and ipod/phone everywhere.  Music has got me out of a lot of PD situations.

  • Silent discotheque in the living room at 2am – unfortunately PD doesn’t sleep.  So a new ‘thing’ is my left arm kicking off which is twaddle in the middle of the night – dyskenesia.
  • When I freeze walking, music can get me walking again.
  • When my mood crashes and I my eyes leak for no apparent reason … Music lifts my dopamine mood.
  • When I seize up I flail about and darnse madly to loosen up.

And so many other situations.

Music is so important… lots of things I do revolve around it :

  • Carrying my headphones and ipod/phone everywhere.
  • Weekly Karaoke in a local pub (I literally clear the bar, I assume they are dashing to see if I am available on Spotify).
  • Attending darnsing classes.
  • Watching and darnsing to local bands.
  • Learning piano and bass guitar.
  • Incorporating darnse and walking backwards and sideways in ‘getting from A-B’ (vital as I am not allowed to drive atm on the advice of my Consultant – just another nail in the twaddle).
  • And obviously ‘writing the Musical’ … more about that later.

So if you are a pwp (that’s not a ‘polite Wolverhampton penquin, but a ‘person with Parkinson’s), it is worth listening to a few tunes to see if they help.

This list is my list, which I am adding to all of the time …

And also some of the tracks have rude words in them …

In much the same way as someone must like twiglets otherwise presumably they wouldn’t be sold … music is very personal.

Anyway tis rude to copy …

So please create your own playlist …

Disclaimer – these songs help me, but I cannot be responsible if they have a different/no affect on you.  They help me to walk, relax, lift my mood – if they make you sneeze, eat squid and/or file your bank statements then, although the final one is useful, please try something else.


Trainwreck 1979 – Death from above 1979

Mr Brightside – The Killers

The Globalist (specifically at 4.23) – Muse

Psycho – Muse

Vertigo – U2

Rock Lobster – B52s

Kiwi – Harry Styles

Five Colours in Her Hair (US version) – McFly

Take Me Out – Franz Ferdinand

Can’t Stop – Red Hot Chilli Peppers

I Only Lie when I Love You – Royal Blood

Figure It Out – Royal Blood

Na Na Na Naaa – Kaiser Chief



Step Ball Change

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