34. (Almost)(Definitely) The Final Blog Post

This blog has had a loyal and eclectic following and I thank you all.

There have generally been two reactions to my blog, much like marmite … people either love it or hate it.   Actually to me, as someone who has never tried marmite, then it would actually be three reactions.  The third being people who have never looked at the blog.  If you know anyone who falls into this third category then do your best to sell them a blog about ‘an incurable degenerative neurological condition’.

I have enjoyed writing it and feel very proud of what I have achieved.  Feedback is that it has helped many people living with PD and those around them.

I have now been diagnosed for almost five years.  I have heard the term ‘five good years’ bandied* about when referring to the first five years after diagnosis with PD.

*as far as I am aware ‘bandieing about’ is not a medical or legally binding term.  As I may have mentioned everyone is different with regards to PD symptoms.  So please if you have had a rubbish first five years, I apologise.  But may I just say that if your goldfish dying has made the past five years difficult then it probably has nothing to do with PD (unless you have an exuberant tremor)

Just to recap, starting this blog I set out to :

  • Raise awareness
  • Let people know they are not alone with very random symptoms
  • Keep a journal
  • Share tips

I feel I have achieved these aims.

Since diagnosis, I have :

  • Achieved so much in the past five years
  • Learnt new skills
  • Become more confident
  • Made new friends
  • Learnt not to fret about small things
  • Realised I should do things today and not put off until ‘one day’

Just a tad annoying that I had to be diagnosed with a degenerative neurological condition to realise these things.

The next paragraph may make you switch channels, but bear with me you have read 20,000 words another few won’t be difficult.

To Everyone*

  • Live for today, but not to the detriment of tomorrow
  • Treat yourself as you would a best friend, with kindness and respect.
  • Don’t put things off … ‘one day’ is a very busy day

*including you

I feel the blog has reached it’s natural conclusion and I would like a new project … so what now?

To cut a very long and interesting story frustratingly short (for you) I will briefly explain in a few bullet points :

  • Chance meeting
  • Musical collaboration suggested
  • Over 20 original song lyrics now written
  • Currently working on a Musical about Parkinson’s

So keep an eye out for the new musical about a degenerative neurological condition …


And I leave you with a few interesting things to look up and enjoy for information and entertainment (although a disclaimer, I cannot be responsible for outside websites, I have not checked their suitability for reading/watching and also cannot be held responsible for mistyping the words into the search engine).

  • Spotlight YOPD (young onset charity)
  • Parkinson’s UK (charity site)
  • The Cure Parkinson’s Trust (charity site)
  • Affinity Formation – Long Hard Road (album on Spotify)
  • Jake Thackray (comedy songwriter)
  • Kevin Turvey Investigates (tv comedy investigations)
  • Parkinality (obvs)

Keep well

Dance fabulously

Smile a lot

Enjoy life







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