26. The ‘standby’ Ode

The past month has been a whirlwind of opportunities and chance meetings, hence no blog for a week.   Sorry if you thought the lack of a blog for seven days was because of your ‘good behaviour’.

This ode is one I completed a while ago, which I have been saving for such a month.

So here is the Ode … normal service will be resumed …


I feel better when I feel like me,

when I feel completely free.

When my movements flow,

in that moment I know.

That I’m free.

Free to be me.


I feel better when the music plays,

it helps me move, it makes me sway.

I feel better when the rhythms surround,

as my body is enveloped in sound.

For that brief moment in time,

my body again becomes mine.


I feel better when I’m with good friends,

funny and caring, amazing friends.

Tea, cake and dog walks too,

it’s incredible what laughter can do.

Chat and chocolate can make things right,

I enjoy the moment and brief respite.


I feel better when hitting that ball,

that tantalising, yellow tennis ball.

I move with ease across the court,

impossible you may have thought.

As I strike the ball, and run to the net,

I feel exhilarated and briefly forget.


I feel better when I remember what I’ve achieved,

more than I could have ever believed.

I’m so much more than this new facet of me,

this thing which they simply call PD.