121. Special Offer whilst storks last (sorry book stocks obvs)

Hokey Cokey special offer for you long suffering Parkinalitors or Parkinalityationisters or Parkinalisters or Parking Wardens … answers on a postcard or back of a sae (wot I hear all the youffs tweet)

A ‘special offer’. You may have heard a murmur (good word) that I have a new book out … well as an introductory offer I am offering my two books and free postage to your doormat or post box or lady in waiting’s house (answers on the back of a horse) … now this is where i go wrong with my writing I end up going orf on a tangent and people drift and mutter and stop reading listening etcetera etcetera.

Where am I — oh yes. Inbox Parkinality and in exchange for the transferral of ten pounds i will send you both books …. postage free of charge.

Introductory offer whilst stocks last.

So in precise and concise words:

Inbox me
I’ll send bank details
You transfer £10
Send me your address
And I’ll post the books to you for free postage
And then 30% of any royalities earned will go straight to the Cure Parkinson’s Trust to find a cure and shut me up (sorry, I mean find a cure).

On your marks get set …. whilst storks last.

Both books poetry which is funny, sad, weird, odd and entertaining. Not all about PD ….