111. A new everyday and Parkinality Awareness Month April 2020

Don’t worry ‘normal’ ‘humour’ will be reinstated intermitantly

People with Parkinson’s are not special, they are ordinary people but with an extra portion of ‘chips in gravy’* … *insert something awful of your choice, and if you like chips in gravy, four letters ergh

So everyone will be experiencing a multi faceted myriad of emotions (such as ‘angry face’ ‘sad face’, ‘standing chick’). But that extra portion of ‘chips in gravy’ adds a mess to an already messy situation (are you following this?)

The government has generously done some pigeon holding … so Parkinson’s Disease is in the pigeon hole entitled Vulnerable. But there are two sections … one super vulnerable so those with lung conditions and other underlying conditions. Parkinson’s is in the not quite so super but still quite super Vulnerable category.

So I am self isolating for what looks like will be 12 weeks.

So lots of time to do lots of twaddle. But as everyone is yawn fed up with disease discussion I am planning for Parkinson’s Awareness Month a few things, but not everything is about Parkinson’s, but then as I have it I suppose it is by default.

So take a look at the Parkinality facebook page, you tube channel, podcast and books …. I will post different things and the same thing on various platforms ….

planning … a few ode videos, obviously. a live broadcast with the wiseish man on facebook with singing odes and chit chat, and some other bits and pieces wts.

Busy bumble aaaaah