110. Parkinality Podcast

A plan
I had several poetry readings arranged over the coming weeks which have obviously been cancelled, so I thought I would harness my enthusiasm and instead start a podcast

The short version :

Search on your usual listening app such as iTunes, Spotify etc. If you don’t know what I’m on about and don’t have an app then look on the front page of www.parkinality.co.uk to find a link.

Look up Parkinality Podcast, subscribe for free to hear original poems written by The Parkinality Poet aka Janet Bric-a-Brac aka me.

The long version :

To keep myself occupied I thought I would try to write a poem a day. To be caring and sharing I thought I would share them as a podcast … so Mr Tech Guy (thank you) has set up the Parkinality Podcast on some ‘platforms’.  But don’t worry no need to venture to Paddington, you can find the podcast on your usual listening app, such as iTunes and Spotify or indeed on the front page of www.parkinality.co.uk you will find a link to another listening device which is free.

In all cases you can subscribe to the podcast and will be pinged when another is posted.  It is free and you can unsubscribe at any time … 
The poems will be a mixture of fresh new ones, and ones from my two books.

Enjoy or avoid the choice is yours

Its over to you