101. I shouldn’t be posting now

okay daylight hours on a Monday and I shouldn’t be posting

I don’t usually post in this state because one it is very slow going typing and could take me a while and also I am not feeling positive

this is a low time … it isn’t night time it is daytime. but it Is completely rubbish no one can understand what this feels like. to be completely rubbish in the cold light of day , people are about now which is good but then oh I don’ know what I am waffling about. people I am talking people without pd are going about their daily business and I can but I can’t. I don’t know what is going to happen from one minute to the next.

atm when I am switched on I actually feel veery normal, swishing about and being a speed walker round the supermarkets and almost annoying swishy person again. I feel invincible. amd wonderful

that makes the switching off even more horrible I have had a glimpse of normality I like it and I want it to always be like that. I am sorry for posting this but then you are subscribing for this and I did warn you at 5 years it was going to get worse. now seven years and the extremes are awful oneminute frozen my fingers are just about moving very slowly thank goodness for auto correct. but I was totally dyskenesic any minute and well I could on,

I know I will re read this and go flip I shouldn’t have sent this.

and I want no sympathy that is not what this is about . awareness of hidden invisible pd and other conditions that are invisible to others. everyone has something going on. please cut people slack (does that come from fabric cutters) when they are a bit off you have no idea what is going on inside.

over and out. I am ‘fine’ as we all are