100. 100 and not out

Now AWBC* (all will become clear).

One hundred had to be a good post … a poignant post, a meaningful missive, not pathetic prattle.

I’m on the radio … A new radio station organised and presented by people with Parkinson’s (but you don’t have to have it to listen to it) called Shaky Radio is available to listen to on the internet. Full of really smashing stuff including music, meditation, medication, musings and mice.

So find it at www.shakyradio.co.uk I am on at 5pm today (Wednesday 9 October 2019, in case for you today is Thursday 28th November 2019191).


I have just realised I have actually done more than 100 posts if you include my new sections, numbered separately … (I won’t be doing that as it will spoil it for me). So forget I’ve said this, but you probably wouldn’t have notice unless you are a VOP**

** very observant person