97. Struggling

I am struggling,/ the past few months have been a whirlwind of medical changes/challenges, PD rubbish, Awareness stuff and day to day real life twaddle (yes I am three dimensional I don’t live in cyberspace). So a few bullet points to bring you up to date.

PD and Dystonia are now joined by Osteoarthritis (and the hip replacement last July), and now IBD (possibly Crohns). Flaming heck PD on its own is bad enough,. So had to stop one of PD drugs as it interferes with the steroids i am on for the Crohns. Five hospital stays since Feb, on second course of steroids. Stomach liners interfering with absorption of PD meds. Now gone gluten free … aaa

The wise-ish man and I have done some PD talks, and he has played his album and I’ve read my odes.

My Newspaper column is going to every four weeks.. Which means I can relax a bit. =thankfully I don’t get a new symptom every week so quite challenging To keep the column fresh. It is it is such a brilliant opportunity that I don’t want to give it up. I do enjoy it, so once a month should be okay.

The play I wrote with the wise-ish man is still being viewed on the Parkinality You Tube Channel – btw it won its heat and came runner up in the final of the playwright competition. So that was a lot of work. It was well received, and was followed by an interview with Parkinson’s Life magazine

The musical is almost finalised – meeting this week to discuss taking that forward.

And last but by no means least my Parkinality Poetry Book is out and hopefully selling. I am doing all I can to promote it. Including a launch party and book signings. I am planning to raise money for charities through additional addons such as a raffle at the launch day, where the raffle raised money for PD UK and Cure Parkinson’s Trust.

I very excitingly have signage for my book POS (thats point of sale, not pirouetting ornithological salamanders).

Okay dyskinesia kicking off something chronic so must dash back to my 3D life

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