95. 1.55am

Not all as it seems 

Head up 

Chin up

Put on your smile

Pretend to be well

For a short while 


Coat on 

Shoes on

In your dreams

That’s not how it happens

All is not what it seems


Falling through the door

Having a long drink

Hitting the dance floor

It’s not what you think


Strutting my stuff

With a wink and a smile

I’ll never have enough

I’ll go the extra mile


Dance til I can’t

I get into the groove

Dance til I can’t

I love to move


Not a drop of drink

Has passed my lips

Don’t look like that

Its not what you think


Fall out the door

Stagger up the street

Smile at everyone

That I meet


Get to the house

Get through the door

I have reached the end

I can’t take any more


Just in time?

Just don’t know?

I feel pd start in my toe

Moves into my foot and my leg

Please no more, I try not to beg

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