93. A Picture Paints a Thousand Words

Okay a day late with the first day of awareness month ,,, but you only know that because I have told you, so erase that from your mind. I could delete that but I’d rather write a sentence explaining I could delete it, rather than actually deleting it. For all you knew Awareness month might actually start on the 2nd April …

That last paragraph (sorry I mean first paragraph) was an example of waffle and letter wastage … I will be going for quality not quantity for this years Awarenessing. So rather than thousands of words I plan to post pictures both static and moving.

So I can’t promise no waffle – after all my cunning plan is to be so irritating and over awareness so much, that ‘they’ direct resources and expertise to find a cure for everyone living with Parkinson’s, just to shut me up.

A picture paints a thousand words 0,001, now not sure how to post a picture on my blog … oh crikey give me a minute or two. Okay managed it … not exactly exciting … but I didn’t want to peak too early …

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