88. Pardon …

Okay (what a rubbish way to start – apologies). I have been meaning to post for a long time. I have been putting it. I felt that the first post after a long while needs to be succinct meaningful and worth waiting for. Well the first word is a fail already.

Anyway (sorry another rubbish word), rather than coming in with a meaningful succinct witty post, I thought I would revert to type and produce another waffle post.

Just flicking (electronically) back over some of the recent posts I was a bit all over the place. Well, time has told me (and apologies if I am repeating myself) that the ‘all over the place’ has a technical term – Dyskinesia.

Dyskinesia is a new ‘thing’ – PD related but not actually PD.

It is a reaction to the drugs … ho hum Diddley dee.

So to summarise,

PD symptoms include slowness, stiffness and freezing – I take drugs to help me move again.

These drugs can in turn cause over moving which is called Dyskinesia.

Dyskinesia involves rolling involuntary movements, sometimes in one part of the body, or in my case all over.

I look like one of those blow up Santas, with long arms which flail all over the place in the wind. A flailing Santa – now that is not a good look (unless you are a flailing Mrs Santa).

It causes me to move continuously in a rolling action. Continuously rolling, talking quite effervescently and over the top.

Basically, when I am frozen I am quiet still and, to the innocent bystander, a normal member of society (to me I am rigid stiff frozen and unable to move – but ho hum). But basically I am not making a fuss I am just sitting there being a grown up.

When I have dyskinesia I look like a nutter (no offence and none taken). I had a meeting the other day and after an hour, the rolling and effervescent over exaggerated movements became bad enough for me to stop the meeting. The person I was in the meeting with who had never met me before, I think assumed I was very odd.

Ho hum Diddley dee – went to my neurologist today and he confirmed it was dyskinesia and has subscribed a new drug with (drum roll, wait for it) new side effects.

Dernerenererer bop bop.

Whistle while I whine



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