87. Up, Under and Over Medicated – Waffle Plot Mislaying Post


oooh look I am adding this bit after I have written the whole blog post – clever this computer. malarky – and not a pair of scissors, sheet of carbon paper, or spray mount in sight.  This blog post is posted live and unedited…. I am at warp speed at the moment – extremes are extreme tbh …I know that warpspeed will be replaced by no speed shortly … flip

After getting a bit blar-say (no I wouldn’t win a Bumbley Bee putting letters in the correct sequence competition) about sleeping during the ‘socially acceptable’ hours of 10pm and 6am (I realise some of you oddbods will be disagreeing with those hours but, ho hum, much like syrup and treacle we think we are the same until you take a scoop, we think we all sleep the same amount and between the same hours).  Anyway I am waffling now probably (no, make that because) I am over medicated.  So I waffle through my fingers, touch typing  at great speed.

Focus focus.

Let’s do this in reverse (no not that … this (the heavy heavy monster sound, one step …. ).

Today I was on the computer from 9.30am until 4.30pm. I would like to say I was being super important and clinching (or is that clenching) deals, but no I was inter county faffing.  Literally , I quite literally couldn’t tell you what I did.  I went on Facebook a lot, refreshed pages a lot and literally for seven of your earth hours I sat on the edge of the bed with my laptop (flip I am doing that now as well) for all that time …  Actually if only I could delete stuff and move stuff about on this damn computer, then I could delete the bit that said ‘I couldn’t tell you what I did’ – because I just did.  I bet Leonard Nimoy didn’t have this problem.  Sorry plot mislaid briefly.

Last night after being holier than a thou-est thing … and even giving advice to people about how I had overcome and beaten this sleep insomnia thing – they say something comes before a something else don’t they.  I was awake all and I mean all and I mean totally all night … again (I won’t say I didn’t know what I was doing) I did the same as during the day ie faffed.  Turn around … no not you Ms Bonnie Tyler, I mean, turn around those two sentences.  I actually did the same during the day today as I did throughout the night not visa versa – there is an order to life much like the chicken and egg scenario.  Clear as.

So with the three of you who are left who haven’t run for the hills … I will try and become more succinct (thank you oh auto spell correct).

Today on computer all day – didn’t eat all day until 7pm.

Last night – awake all night – not tired at all.

Yesterday didn’t eat all day …

Food could be another key in all this.  I am now getting worried about eating – and how to juggle it all.  If I eat then my tablets aren’t absorbed as well.  In the past the honeymoon period, in a non candlelit dinner way, of PD.  When (okay it is super awful,), but actually when meds weren’t working properly the underlying PD was actually manageable – a bit of this and a bit of that but not the twaddle marathon it is now.

Today when meds don’t work – due to them being bloody awkward, or me eating something lovely – then the result is really debilitating and tbh crap.  Dystonia, stiffness, rigidity, a little bit of a tremor (just to add some percussion to the proceedings).

So when I switch off I just want to be on again, hence today I took my meds a tiny bit closer together and then had another tablet and I am now completely all over the place.

Fliperty flop.

In an odd oscars and weird (a)wards way I would like to say … thank you to my wise-ish man … I won’t say, ‘I don’t know what I would do without you’ (because I just have), but I wouldn’t want to and it wouldn’t be fun.

I am now waiting to calm down so I can go to bed and to be honest I am kerrrr-nackered.  So I will cling to the edge of that flat bed thing with the hope I will soon (hypothetically) drop off.

Back of the net.

Larry (1), Ewey (2), Blankie (3), …. thud

(and if you got that ‘joke’ then you really are in trouble – it’s okay Mr Pilot man (if you are reading this) then you won’t so you aren’t.





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