76. Switching Off

I not only wash my laundry in public, I also tumble dry, mangle, iron, fold and put away as well.. Crickey if you are thinking flip another disease blog – when is she going to talk about parking? Then you are mistaken – this is not about the Reality of Parking Positively.

Actually if after 18 months and a trillion billion words you still held out hope that the parking blogs would start soon – then I think you should go to the doctors anyway. Having alienated probably 3 of my audience, I will continue.

BTW i obviously don’t mangle, iron fold and put away ,,, I am very privileged at having a Floordrobe (read that somewhere – I didn’t invent the word, apologies to whoever did that I can’t credit you)

Flaming heck – switching off is twaddle. I must admit I don’t always deal with it calmly. New leaf today in trying to deal with switching off in a grown up manner.

The rug gets pulled away by a super magician quicker and quicker every time … the meds just switch off with no warning.

no swearing, crying, stomping, huffing and generally getting into a stew, or trying to go out.

I will do meditation, breath calmly – nope brain racing, but body won’t.

Okay will do sitting down things – good idea.  Tidy table, hands won’t work properly fingers won’t sort things … flip.

Okay will write a list of things to do when tip top -nope pen holding out of the question.

Okay I’ll ‘go over there’ (probably five steps) and do something interesting in that dusty corner nope feet won’t move.

Typing is very slow and very laborious – i have tried dictation software but voice goes quiet and twaddleee and so the words typed from my dictation are not readable – although when I start swearing to myself about the dictation software not typing properly it picks up the swear words and types correctly – flipperty flop.

So i just have to sit and wait – have my head phones on waiting unless Patience begins with an L then it is not my middle name.

Ho humdiddley dee. This is rubbish


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