68. The ‘ave a rest Ode

If I am calm, enjoying cake and cup of tea
Sitting and smiling, then leave me be
But, if you see me, being a silly moo
Whilst out and about, here’s what to do

If I am trying to dance, trying to run
Or trying to have any ‘moving’ fun
Then please, give me a hard staring look
Which says, please stop, and read book

The new ‘thing’ is pain, it is driving me mad
To add to the PD, it is really quite bad
The dystonia is cramping, and twisting as well
I’m sorry, if I am making you feel unwell

Again, you may see me as right as rain
Blink, and I’ll be debilitated again
One minute ‘on’, the next I am ‘off’
Flaming heck, I have had enuff

I need to spend longer, having a sleep
But to slow down, is quite a big leap
Definitely no head tilts, you know that by now
I must rest, and stop being a silly cow

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