4. What a dopaminatic evening

flipping heck now can’t type properly using one finger, don’t know how to do dictation on blog

this is where pd is really getting to me communication wise.

I have lots to say but can’t write and I mean its illegible. in the same way walking goes writing has started to disappear, I can’t hold a pen atm I can’t use my left hand thank goodness for auto correct

and I have had a magnificent evening . performed at an amazing charity night raising money for adults with difficulties.. I sold books ,,, gave donation to their charity and raised money for cpt as well.

my body is now giving in its exhausted but my mind is buzzing with ideas

soooooo flipping frustrating

poetry went down well ,,,, the wiseish man sang ,,,,


money raised for two causes and more awareness spread

okay in my mind do I hear ebay calling at 0026

yes I do I can just about scroll and pretend shop