3. The moment, possibly 11 people have been waiting for …

Drum and trumpets required as I announce and boast about my recent activities.

Okay I have my stro and he is about to do a fab drum roll – you will obviously have to take my word for this as i haven’t installed listenability to this blog yet.

Drrrrr uuuuuummmmm rooooollllll

And the same applies to the blowing of my trumpet ..

Noise of a trumpet noise of a trumpet la la la

It is out … don’t panic … I am not referring to the lesser spotted sabre toothed zebra …. but my book.

My book is out … https://www.troubador.co.uk/bookshop/poetry-short-stories-and-plays/the-parkinality-poetry-book/

Crikey oh riley itus …. yep I have only gone and done it … available direct from the publishers on the link above ….


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