133. ‘Un’

Undignified uninvited unfair unfathomable unimaginative unfortunate uncomfortable undescribable unreasonable just flaming unfair unhelpful ungainly

This is getting ridiculous

Off and on like a switch, a proper switch, not a faffy dimmer switch. Lockdown, to be honest, is becoming some sort of mini hell, and I don’t mean a Menopausal Italian Job – although I would like to blow the flamming doors off and bound meaningfully back to Top Shop … just remembered as if life couldn’t get much worse – no proper Top Shops anymore – I’ll have to go elsewhere for my Pret, Blouse and Tattoo.

And breathe

Really finding it difficult – and with all due respect – and this is not a very pc thing to say … it is ‘not the same for everyone’.

End of speat