130. Difficult Baffling Situation

It certainly is a Difficult Baffling Situation at the moment for the whole wide world.

Pandemic, Vaccinations, Homeschooling, Homeworking, Mask Wearing, Hand Sanitising, Paranoid Androidness, Zooming, Staying In,

My icing on that Crap Cake is Brain Surgery ASsessments and Crohns. Note to self … this is not a moaning column it is an awareness column … it is a very fine line between the two. In fact … sod it I am going in to full blown moan …

Okay assessments involve hospital visits, involve more paranoia (both self inflicted, real, and everything in between).

A digression … I am fed up with this game … my life revolves round blooming illness …. i spend the day taking tablets, reading labels, managing the flipping symptoms so that I can find a spare 2 minutes when everything is working to actually brush my teeth. Brushing my teeth is often unachievable …

Please shut up (not you … me) loads of people have stuff going on … I have the reliance on others, I hate the feeling of being out of control, I hate feeling this way. But ho hum I need to snap out of it.

I certainly don’t want sympathy … I just don’t want to be ill anymore … it is getting very tiresome.

Sorry I will zoom off and come back later when I am more Positive….

PS I am fine just a moment of down ness …. normal annoying positivity will return.

Keep it real

Stay safe

Eat Spam