13. Ode : Delicious Dopamine

Delicious Dopamine

•It’s a tiny, green

•Nutrient machine

•A single sprout

•Is without a doubt

•A healthy snack

•But take it back

•I get no pleasure

•From this green treasure.

•It is not the treat

•That I want to eat

•Not garden peas

•Not cabbage leaves

•Nothing green

•Will be seen

•To pass my lips

•When PD hits.

•The tasty morsel

•Which revives my torso

•And focuses my brain

•To start working again

•Is cheap to buy

•From the nice guy

•In the corner shop

•Or at the petrol stop.

•It’s big and brown

•Not a 70’s eiderdown

•It’s a lovely big chunk

•Not an 80’s hunk

•It comes with a wrapper

•Not that kind of rapper

•Chocolate is the snack

•Which brings my mojo back.


If I’ve lost you completely, there is a point to this ode.

Chocolate … the enjoyment of eating chocolate, releases dopamine.  In fact I believe quite strongly it should be available on prescription … a placard is probably called for.

Finally, I’ve found a positive.  Thankfully it is chocolate, it could have been sprouts (apologies to any who live for sprouts and have already prepared them for Christmas).

I always try and carry a bar of chocolate in my bag.  I say ‘try’ because somehow it often bypasses ‘bag’ and goes straight to ‘stomach’.