119. Another Defining Moment

… 118 continued.
Now where was I… Okay the wheelchair arrived and it has been used a lot already. Admittedly not for it’s intended use when visiting hospital unmedicated.

Instead I am using it for scooting round the house when Dystonia hits. It actually saves quite a lot of ear damage aka swearing. So it is in the hall and, with the foot rests removed and brakes released, I can carefully (very carefully as i have to remember the brakes are not on and I don’t want to add ziperdeeedoodah to my repertoire) ease myself into the chair and scoot.

The dystonia is getting worse. As i have mentioned before this is a condition in it’s own right and some people (ie me) get the bonus of it going with Parkinson’s Whooperdee (nope enough of the whooping it is twaddle).

My feet twist and toes clench and walking is unbelievably difficult and almost impossible. Difficult to describe it looks awful, and I am asked if it hurts. The actually action of twisting doesn’t, in other words it doesn’t feel like hands are gripping my foot. But as the twisting starts to over twist that flaming hurts. Also my Achilles has started to join in the action and that flipping hurts as it feels like my foot is trying to snap itself. This also creeps into my legs and back and neck – no whooping no reason.

Now the rollator has arrived. This is taking some getting used to. It has reverse brakes, which are not literally what they say. Although the mechanically minded amongst you will say ‘doh its obvious’. It took a lot of research to find out What they are.

Basically they are brakes which are constantly on, ie the rollator constantly brakes. So if I leant on it it would not move. In order to make it move I have to squeeze the brakes on the handles. And if I let go it stops. Complicated … no … not as bad as rubbing my head and patting my stomach … but still takes some getting used to.

Now I have purchased this as a ‘shopping trolley’. The traditional types having ordinary brakes or none at all I felt they might be a hazard (although not having tested them I don’t know – I did buy a cheap one but that didn’t count). So the idea is that the rollator assists my walking after a busy day shopping and also carries my shopping for me in its basket. Like a metal/plastic person, without the need to buy it a thank you curly wurly afterwards.

So all is dandy (ish). However I haven’t had the courage to use the rollator out. Not that I’m going out much at all as we are still in the lull between storms that is the Corona Virus Pandemic (yup July 2020 and it’s still going on ).

So I have been out a couple of times but tbh it is scarey. I could do with using the rollator but … well I don’t know why ????

More another time.
Sorry it isn’t a jolly one.
but life isn’t atm tbh