Tina, “Launderette” – Episode 9 – The Parkinality Podcast

Tina, “Launderette” (from The Parkinality Poetry Book). I used to be afraid of the blank piece of paper, not in a paper chain of people holding hands in a scarey film type way (sorry), but that whatever I wrote had to be the finished polished article and couldn’t be changed.  I have since learnt that there is more than one piece of paper – although in todays eco world I should probably use the backspace and the eraser more to save the dolphins rather than getting out another piece of paper.  This poem started life as a poignant tale of lost love with a very sad ending – and ended up as a … listen and you decide (wot no spoiler).

Page Fright – Episode 8 – The Parkinality Podcast

Worry yeh not, think of the blank page as the dry cake mix, the pen as the liquid ingrediants. Sit them next to each other for an hour or so and see what happens. It needs you, as the compere of cake date, to bring them together, to form a book of gateau proportions – you decide the flavour

Margaret, “Electronic Cake” – Episode 4 – The Parkinality Podcast

This is a poem about technology and how it is taking over our lives – we can’t live without it but we don’t know how to use it!  You may notice that The Parkinality Poetry Book is not available as an e-books – just a real proper book.  Real books rock, as does real cake – electronic cake is a tad tiresome. Margaret, “Electronic Cake” from The Parkinality Poetry Book by The Parkinality Poet

Cath, “Dust” – Episode 1 – The Parkinality Podcast

The gauntlet was thrown down, a poetry challenge, to write a poem about Dust. Which was fortuitous as I’m actually an incredibly experienced proprietor of my own dust farm. Cath, “Dust” from The Parkinality Poetry Book by The Parkinality Poet.

From The Parkinality Poetry Book by The Parkinality Poet: