Disclaimer …. basically I know nothing …

Disclaimer :

I am not medically trained nor do I have any expert knowledge.
The writing on the Parkinality facebook page, blog, newspaper column, Parkinality poetry and any other writing is a personal account of living with Parkinson’s.
Any information I give is merely my opinion.
Some of the information may be inaccurate as I am not medically trained.
My experience of living with Parkinson’s may change over time, so some of my  opinons will conflict. 
I am an ordinary person dealing with an extra ordinary disease.
I am learning and finding out new things about PD all the time.
PD is bespoke.   Symptoms and progression and therefore advice and meds will be different for every individual.links
Please speak to a specialist in Parkinson’s if you have any concerns.
Please do not change any medication or start any new regimes/exercise without first speaking to a medical professional. 

I cannot be held responsible for any links to other sites being accurate, nor the information given.

As you read my facebook page, blog and other writing, feel free to think (delete as applicable) ‘oh that’s interesting/boring/irrelevant/just damn odd/ worthless/splendid/ amazing/funny’ … but do not act on it.