7. Two Odes (one sad and one odd)

Two Odes : one odd and one sad

Annoying, irritating, how can I plan,

when the park signs are obscured by paper and jam.

Or is that hummus and olives to be slightly en vogue,

or has the park-keeper turned into a toad.

My brain is fried, my voice is going,

I don’t really know, although I appear all knowing.

This thing has floored me yet again,

stopped me in my tracks, I’ve stopped working.

A switch has been flicked by a cruel superior,

someone who has a bad sense of humour.

Happily going along with glee,

how naive could I possibly be.

Forgetting that I lost control long ago,

the exact date I will never know.

I wake each morning with thoughts in my head,

should I get up or stay in bed.

I always do too much too soon,

exhausting myself way before noon.

Long ago I could please myself,

do what I wanted, I had control over myself.

Today the park is often shut by a cruel twist of fate.

If I get there before the park-keeper shuts the gate,

I can often nip in for a brief run about.

I can jump and skip, and I really want to shout.

how this brings me complete joy and delight,

a freedom from the daily fight.

The world is like a park, that’s my analogy,

It helps me to explain the problems of each day,

to friends who with all the best will,

don’t understand and probably never will.

The parks opening times are never displayed,

often it’s shut and I’m full of dismay.

Sometimes I have a brief moment to go inside,

to try out the equipment, maybe the slide.

But gates can slam and I can be thrown out.

Please don’t shut I silently shout.


and to cheer you up, an extremely odd silly ode …

Dogs need to walk

When I can hardly walk

I still really like to talk

Dogs can’t talk

Men prefer to walk

Women prefer to talk

Dogs are a man’s best friend