60. Speak no evil, smell no evil, write no evil

‘See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil’ –   available as a top class ornament appearing on a radiator shelf near you.

In the world of PD, PD has rewritten the rule book again and (with my twirling assistance) created not so much ‘three wise monkeys’, but ‘three twaddley ne’er-do-wells’

‘Speak no evil, smell no evil, write no evil’.

  • ‘Speak no evil’ :

Imagine this blog spoken – apologies if this gives you an imaginary headache.

Now imagine that you can see that I am wittering away, but can’t quite hear what I am saying, as I am speaking extremely quietly.

Imagine again, that you finally work out what I am on about, only to realise it was a load of waffle.

Apologies for the virtual headache.

I often describe new symptoms as whispering to me when they first appear.  Well recently ‘whispering’ has been whispering to me.  It actually took a friend to point this out, I didn’t realise I was whispering.  I had no idea there was anything different about my voice volume.

In my head I was still talking at a normal volume, but to friends I was whispering.  When I raise my voice, in my head I am shouting, to others I am talking at a normal volume.

In the same way that movements get smaller, the voice gets quieter.   Not sure why.  I could google (responsibly) and find the answer – but I can’t be bothered – sorry, I could make it up, but I did promise honesty.

I am trying to force myself to speak louder.   This is difficult as in my head I am shouting.  I keep asking my friends what volume my voice is.

This is difficult in certain social situations when whispering is called for.  So when I am talking about the couple on the other table in the restaurant, who are texting, ignoring each other, whilst picking out the nuts from a nut cutlet.  I have to trust my friends that I am not shouting.

There are voice exercises, which will help me to speak at a normal volume again – so as always I am on the case, and will investigate that.

Also singing is supposed to be good – so I will continue with the Sunday night karaoke, which is now for medical reasons.

  • ‘Smell no evil’:

‘The other morning I could suddenly smell myself’.  Now an odd statement, which was even odder to experience.  In the same way that I didn’t realise I was whispering, I didn’t realise I couldn’t smell very well, until I suddenly could again.

However, I am hoping that is where the similarities end – friends told me about the whispering which I didn’t know about, no-one has mentioned what I smell like.

Again, I don’t know why.  Equally I don’t think there is anything I can do to smell better – apart from applying more cologne.

Ho hum diddley dee – if I’m viewing your house, don’t bother with the freshly baked bread and coffee smell.

  • ‘Write no evil’  :

My writing is untidy, and it has got untidier, due to dexterity problems.  I had heard that PD could make writing get more difficult and I had assumed that was the extent of it.  Writing which was untidy.

oooh no – I was wrong, so wrong … the other day my body whispered about writing.  I was writing an ode (as you do) in the old fashioned pen and paper manner.  And gradually I couldn’t write.  I physically couldn’t write.  My pen control got more and more difficult, the ink on the page got smaller and smaller and completely tiny and illegible.

Flipping heck.

So at the moment these new symptoms are whispering ….

PD is truly CRAP. (hope that wasn’t in a whisper)





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