51. A Second ‘One off Daily Blog’ : Keeping it Real, the next instalment

Head tilt and judging free zone please (unless it is in a Mr Cowell BGT way)

small print : very tired atm, night-time a long one, now trying to keep going.

This is a ‘keeping it real blog’

Flaming heck … this will be in bullet points for speed and dexterity problems :

No sleep last night …

Okay now switching to the miracle of rhyme :

Thursday night I had no sleep and PD was crap
Friday was a day of rubbishness – I expected that
It is what happened next which I now need to write
As I finished another day of flipping PD fight

When the evening began, after the bad Friday day
After the Thursday night, when sleep didn’t come my way
What do you think I did, after the day of PD fight
A sensible person would have had an early night

Well, on Friday evening at 9pm
Should I go out, or should I stay in
PD brings with it a particular mindset
Of making the most of every minute

So I went out and met some friends
And watched a band, yes, I’ll say it again
I actually went out, I didn’t have an early night
And I danced and forgot the days fight

Music is a miracle, I’ve said it before
(sorry if I’m becoming even more of a bore)
When I went out, I was struggling, as PD broke through
But undeterred I went out and met friends old and new

The music and chat and the fun that I had
Turned things around – what do you think about that
I laughed and I danced and had a good time
It all came together and the meds worked just fine

So this morning I’m tired and dexterity is bad
But today I am not feeling sad
A good evening was had by all
PD is crap, but I can still have a ball

Ho hum Diddley dee
I went to bed just after 3

Over and out

now very tired and house is a tip


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