49. Yawn – not another night time ode

Sleep problems are another symptom : yawn (literally).  Wasn’t going to post this, but then thought I would.  This blog can’t be a laugh a minute …


My mind is awake, my body is asleep
Reached 4,453 sheep
Still no rest, no let up in this buzz
My brain is awake, yet it’s full of fuzz

I want to sleep, well I think I do
But my brain doesn’t seem to want to
My body is stiff, my arm is in pain
I just want to feel human again

The nights are long, the nights are low
I should have been asleep long ago
The day is bright, the day is cheery
Are we there yet, I want to say ‘nearly’

Why in this world of speed and light
Is the night so dark, it doesn’t seem right
The day works so unbelieveably well
So why does the night feel like hell

We make use of the day, of the light
Why do we waste the other 12 hours of night
The door closes at the end of the day
And is shut until the night slips away


Then this ode appeared …. (and no I can’t work out how to type in single line spacing with carriage returns, without doing bullet points.  What do you expect it is now 4.27am).

  • Stop moaning you silly old cow
  • What on earth are you moaning about now
  • Sleep deserts you, well hard luck to you
  • What are you expecting us to do
  • Just get on with it, stop harping on
  • Flaming heck, it’s another song


  • Others are awake, they really must be
  • It really can’t only be me
  • If that is true, which I am sure it is
  • We should all stop getting in a tiz
  • Just because it is dark, we shouldn’t stop
  • We must strike when opportunities knock
  • 1am coffee, 1.30am brunch
  • 2am art class, am I suggesting too much?
  • Football match at 3, studying at 4
  • That is the night I long for
  • We can then choose to wake or nap
  • At times to suit, what do you think about that?

Over and out …


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