48. Excuses Excuses

I used to be early – it was incredibly frustrating, no one was ready when I arrived.

Now I am always late – it is incredibly frustrating, everyone has left when I arrive.

My councillor, (not the political kind), has given me the following advice  :

Don’t say : ‘Sorry I’m Late’

Do say : ‘Thank you for waiting’

Making a negative into a positive statement.

However, whichever way you dress it up, I am late.

Pre PD, I used to plan to within an ‘enth of the day.  I would plan meals and life in advance, never a ‘ready meal’ (yes, I was quite annoying).

The unpredictability of Pd, and the non motor symptoms, including fatigue, apathy, lack of motivation and difficulty in multi tasking, all mean that ‘doing life’ and getting ‘ready for life’ takes a lot longer.

Living with PD has many excuses for why I might be late.

  • a) Lost my keys,
  • b) Lost my phone
  • c) Was choosing cheese (really – indecision is part of  PD, and ‘I did and I was’)
  • d) Putting jewellery on – fiddly clasps are a nightmare
  • e) On the telephone – I like to talk.
  • f) Untangling head phones (really)
  • g) Distracted – walking along the road.
  • h) Can’t be bothered – apathy (not laziness)
  • i) Really can’t be bothered or see a reason why I should go, nothing personal.
  • j) I am like an indecisive moth, flitting from one thing to another, especially prevalent when on a deadline, I know I’m late, but I’ll just ‘watch some paint dry’.
  • k) On the internet, still looking for the perfect handbag.
  • l) Staring into space.
  • m) Refreshing the Sale page on a shopping site, watching for more reductions on a blouse I have no intention of buying.
  • n) No motivation to do anything.
  • o) I have fallen asleep in my lunch (really).

oh yes and motor symptoms are twaddle and I am ‘off’ … e.g. walking

These non motor symptoms are NOT laziness …

So for ease (and mystery) I may say, ‘Thank you for waiting, please refer to (f) with a dollop of (j)’

Ho hum, must go and sharpen a carrot.

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