44. The 2.53am Ode

Okay, it is 2.53am – yes PD disrupts sleep I’m afraid.  About to take some meds, but in the meantime wrote another Ode.  Will be interesting to see what it reads like in the cold light of day ….


Lydia Smithers was the girl of Ralph’s dreams
She was beautiful and sold ice creams
‘Cornet or cup’ she would always say
As she whirled the ice cream in her beautiful way

Ralph passed by her van every day
To buy two ice creams, he gave one away
He went out of his way by over a mile
Just for a glimpse of her beautiful smile

The extra ice cream was for the last in the queue
Who from past observations he always knew
When the van drove away, there would always be
One person left, sad, and ice cream free

One Sunday Lydia’s dad took her to one side
He had something to say before he died
He said, look after the business and make him proud
Sell ice creams and play the music loud

After he passed away, come rain or shine
Lydia sold ice creams, but gave me mine
She no longer asked for any money from me
For the ice cream and flake which was 99 p

When I asked her why I didn’t pay
She told me about the very day
When I had come to the aid of her dad in the street
When he staggered and PD whipped him off of his feet

She said, I was a lovely man
Who stopped and helped beside the van
Where her dad sold ice creams every day
Whilst others turned and walked way

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