43. The Grovelling Ode

Ip dip sky blue
Which cause should they donate to
Should it be ‘save the emigrating cats’
To be honest I am not sure about that
Should it be ‘save the big old barn’
Frankly, that would be a cause for alarm

A group with money, a committee with cash
A minister with the authority to redistribute cash
In the office, in government or even in the park
I don’t really care, as long as they start
To work harder than they are to find a cure
As I sit waiting, ready and demure

  • Awareness is key
  • Awareness of PD
  • Awareness of me

Yes it’s a time for selfishness
Please cure me first*

*obviously that is just for creative affect.  Please cure, not just me, everyone else with PD too per lease

Janet Bric a Brac
6 January 2018

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