41. A Deep Ode

Tracey and Tone

Tony and Tracey worked hard at their life
He loved her, his darling trouble and strive
They wanted for nothing, but didn’t have much
They relied on each other, using each as a crutch
Supporting each other, through the austerity years
Coping, surviving, working through their fears

The life they wanted was a life full of hope
Children and a dog, and a house in Broadoak
A very different place from where they began
In a terraced house with a beat up white van
They knew they could do it, they worked night and day
So their dream life would become a reality

They didn’t go out, they saved every penny
A night out was a night in, in front of the telly
The sacrifices they made, they dug their heels in
To save for the future, the day their life would begin
A planner on the wall mapped out the way
They would save for tomorrow, rather than live for today

No-one suggested they should detour from the route
Apart from his mother – she was very astute
She gave them advice, they pushed her away
Ignoring her words, saying ‘please live for today’
She was older and wiser than Tracey and Tone
But all they saw was an interfering old crone

They worked too hard, put their life on hold
When they should have been ‘living’ – but they wouldn’t be told
The date their lives changed was the 19 September
The doctor’s words made it a date to remember
They were happy over the years don’t get me wrong
But now wished they had lived before PD came along

Janet Bric a Brac
5 January 2018


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