40. Rabbit Bedding

Never in a zillion years did I imagine I would ever reach the heady heights of becoming rabbit bedding.

To be honest in the hours I have spent cleaning out three rabbits over a period of 50 years, I had never thought I would imagine that rabbit bedding would be the ”heady height” of anything.

Ho hum … age is a great educator.

I have joined the ranks of royalty, A to Z list celebrities, chefs, coupons, lonely hearts, spot the ball (ask someone over 50).

Sorry if I have lost you, it may be clearer if, instead of ‘rabbit bedding’  I said ‘yesterday’s fish and chip paper’.

Okay enough of the, now standard, waffle.  Let me explain.

I have inadvertently and accidentally become a (sort of) Columnist Journalist Type Person, writing a column for the new local paper every two weeks on living with early onset PD.  Crickey the editor read my blog and asked me.

Flaming heck and lots of other age inappropriate expletives.

What an opportunity for awareness … crickey I really mustn’t mess this up.

I am now about to write my fourth column.  So far they have all been full page, with a colour photo, crickey again.

I now believe I have two different audiences, the blog and the newspaper.

The blog readers, I believe, fit into a retro Venn diagram.  One circle containing people already diagnosed with PD, the other circle people without PD.  And the overlap being people worried about symptoms and making an appointment to see a medical professional to get them looked at.  I am assuming, rightly or wrongly, that the majority of people reading this blog knows someone with PD, has PD, or has some earlier interest in PD.  I very much doubt there will be many people reading this who have decided to read a blog about a ‘disease’ ,  however funny it tries to be.

The newspaper column is putting Parkinson’s under the nose of people who know nothing at all about PD.  They may have purchased the paper for many reasons.  For example; to find out when to prune their petunias, or to find out what ‘monestrosity’ Mr Watkins at number 47 is attempting to get planning permission for.

The blog is preaching to the converted, the newspaper column is bringing in new awareness.

Now PD is a way of life.

It is a year since I started the blog.

So I am still here and will blog lots more.  But please bear with me, I have to establish this newspaper column as a reliable interesting informative humorous piece of writing which the readers want to read and the editor wants to continue printing.

So lots to be done … exciting times, onwards and upwards.

Happy New Year to everyone .

PS : If I have a choice, can I furnish the main living area, rather than the ‘wc’.  Thank you.




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