38. Invisible Symptoms

I will subtitle this post in a ‘Friends’ style as : ‘The one that’s not particularly witty’.

As I’ve said before non motor symptoms are a major part of PD.  They are sometimes more difficult to deal with as they are invisible.   They include :

Apathy, Anxiety, Depression, Mood Swings, Constipation, Loss of Sense of Smell, Speech Slurring …. to name but 7 …

I have written less about these as they are more difficult to deal with.  Although dovetailing them may be interesting  … I could play Symptom Snap :

  • Constipation and Lack of Sense of Smell
  • Slurring Speech and Mood Swings
  • Apathy and Anxiety could may work as in ‘I can’t be bothered to be anxious’

Enough of that …

Neighbour warning … music about to be played very loudly and the Halloween sweets consumed.






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