22. ‘Not Another Ode’ Ode


This thing has started to occupy each waking minute

And I have even started to dream about it

It is constantly getting in the way

And creeping into each moment, of each day

It has become an obsession, a reason to be

It really has become all about me.


But wait, it might not be what you think

If I could, I would give you a cheeky wink

This is not another one of those sad odes

It doesn’t include an analogy about toads

I am sure this post won’t make your head tilt

I know I am waffling, but what do you think

Could have taken over my life as much as PD

It is this flipping blog which has engulfed me.


I’m in danger of getting ideas about my station

With suggestions of releasing my ramblings to the nation

And publishing a book and making some money

So I could retire, and move somewhere sunny

But the Neuroscientists would get most of the money

So I wouldn’t retire and move somewhere sunny


I have 20,000 words already written with ease

But who would really buy a book about a disease

Even though it is positive and funny as well

Would you spend money on a book about being unwell

So, I will write and eat chocolate which helps me feel fine

And maybe one day I will appear on Jeremy Vine

I would never have thought I’d be writing a blog

Next thing you know I will be getting a dog.*


*to be continued …